To connect

Studio Marche

Studio Marche was born in a period of travel limitations, with the aim of bringing people closer, connecting, and maintaining relationships even from a distance.

The world of Marchigiano enogastronomy has developed and thrived over the years thanks to fairs, major events, conventions, seminars, tastings, and exhibitions of typical products. Opportunities to weave fundamental relationships that support and make known both in Italy and abroad the small reality of our region.

The year 2020 and the pandemic have imposed profound changes on the way of doing business in terms of commerce, marketing, and communication. In this perspective, the strongest push is towards digitalization and the online transfer of experiences that can maintain and intensify the direct relationship with all stakeholders.

IME offers a professional tool to interact with its consumer audience through webinars, interviews, or live events; to organize remote tastings; to reach B2B and B2C clients, buyers, and Italian and foreign industry professionals with conference calls and presentations; to promote the territory as a whole through the voices of its protagonists.

The facility is equipped with all the technical support and material necessary for the perfect success of each event.

The streaming room is available for entities, producers, associations who want to enhance their online presence and intensify relations with importers, distributors, and end customers.